Special Situations

Stretford invests in a small number of your companies with exceptional management, often young and enthusiastic and the chance to be market changing or disruptive solutions including:

London residential property portfolio

 London residential rental properties

Stretford has a small portfolio of prime London residential rental properties.

However at this stage of the property cycle they are happy with the portfolio but not looking to expand.

Global Travel Ventures Limited

Global Travel Ventures is a UK travel start up company that helps consumers travel for the best price with ease. GTV also owns TicketClever that is a virtual travel pass that offers the best fares for a journey. For more information see www.ticketclever.com.

Silver Arrow Systems Limited

SA Systems operates self service sales channels for the travel industry through self service machines. For more information see http://www.sa-systems.co.uk.

Blackstone Point Limited

Blackstone Point is a Specialist online publisher of recruitment advertising job boards.

Edge Retreats

Consolidated access to worldwide high-end holiday villas - for more information visit https://edgeretreats.com.

Woodland/forest with hydro electric energy potential

Stretford would be interested in acquiring UK forest/woodland where there is a specific opportunity to develop or possibly acquire hydro electric plants.

The hydro electric plant would need to have potential for 300kw or more electrical output. This could manifest itself in a stream or burn wholly on the land of the vendor with either:

1) a head of 100m and a catchment area of 5 square kilometres or
2) a head of 250m or more and a catchment area of at least 3 square kms.

for this definition 'head' means the difference in height above sea level between the likely location for the hydro electric pipe intake and the location of the turbine house.

The woodland area would need to be within 5km of an existing electricity grid connection and on an accessible location.

It would be important for a viable hydro project to ensure that no other entity has rights to use the water that would ordinarily and historically run through the stream.

If you wish to bring an investment opportunity to us in the above areas of focus please send a brief overview of the business, the opportunity and background on yourself and your roles to:

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