Renewable Power Generation

The family office has invested heavily into renewable energy in the United Kingdom.

Stretford is focused on the hydro-electric generation sector but also has considerable experience in onshore wind, solar and biomass. There is very significant renewable energy experience within the team through in particular James McKellar and his previous roles within Barclays Capital that included head of renewables for Barcap.

Capital and expertise is available for the assistance of financing a late stage development pipeline of UK renewable energy assets or mature cashflow businesses, purchase of non working run-of-river UK hydro electric assets with long term leases still remaining.

The following investments are currently included in the portfolio:

DHG Hydro Limited

The office owns 50% of DHG Hydro Limited one of the largest non utility owned run of the river hydro electric development companies. DHG Hydro is a developer and long term project owner of hydro electric projects in the UK.

DHG Hydro was developed from a start up involving early stage development, taking the company through site finding, planning approval, finance , construction, ownership through to a strong profitable company with a deep pipeline of renewable energy projects. Stretford and it's management guided and advised DHG Hydro through many of the challenges that small companies face including dealing with external debt providers.

Grid Battery Storage Limited (GBSL)

Controlling shareholder in GBSL that was set up to provide 1) electricity grid stability and support through electricity stored in batteries 2) electricity bill cost reduction service based solution to large industrial users through provision of battery stored power at high price times of the day. For more information see

Dunan Power Company Limited

Dunan Power Company is the developer and owner of an 800kW new build hydro electric project near Rannoch Station in Scotland. The project is completed and started generating power in the second half of 2016.

Canaird River Company Limited

Canaird River Company is the developer and owner of a 1,200kW new build hydro electric project at Langwell in Scotland. The project was completed and started generating power in the second half of 2016.

Guillemot Green Energy Limited

Guillemot Green Energy is the developer and owner of a 1,000kW hydro electric project at Inverarary in Scotland. The project was completed and started generating power in the second half of 2016.

If you wish to bring an investment opportunity to us in the above areas of focus please send a brief overview of the business, the opportunity and background on yourself and your roles to:

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Renewable Power Generation