SME buy out fund

Mature cash-flow generative industries

Cash and expertise is available for investment in or buy out of mature businesses with proven long life technology or market segments that are cash generative. An ideal example of this may be where current owners are retiring (see below) and the management would like assistance and expertise in buying out the business or where the business neeeds capital to expand.

SME company owner retirement buyouts

An area of focus for the family office is providing capital and expertise to buy out retiring company owners where the business is too small to consider an IPO or buy out fund investment or sale. The preferred option is to work alongside existing and continuing management where some of the shareholder owners are retiring. There must be a genuine reason for wishing to sell the equity rather than a business in decline. The business must be cash generative to be of interest.

If you wish to bring an investment opportunity to us in the above areas of focus please send a brief overview of the business, the opportunity and background on yourself and your roles to:

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